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 n.— «Just what exactly is a “quick rinse” bankruptcy? Is it really a way to wash all that debt out of GM’s hair? Just take 30 days to untangle GM’s troubles? Coulter said he’d never even heard the term quick rinse until this morning after news that the Obama administration was throwing the term around. He suggested that the administration was turning to some sort of fast-track, prepackaged reorganization that would rid GM of its debt and contractual obligations. Another bankruptcy expert told me that quick rinse could really be another term for a scrub down—no wait; the expert said “scrape off.” Essentially, GM would be able to use a deal to scrape off its debts.» —“A ‘quick-rinse’ bankruptcy?” by Susan Tompor Detroit Free Press (Michigan) Mar. 30, 2009. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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