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reverse half-a-loaf

reverse half-a-loaf
 n.— «The way to accomplish this same goal under the “new” rules is a technique called “reverse half-a-loaf” planning. In this case, a potential Medicaid applicant would give away all of his or her assets to a loved one, retaining only what is needed for living expenses for the next five years. If the person remains healthy and does not require nursing home care for five years, the gift will be protected because it will be beyond the 60-month lookback period at the time of application. If the person does require nursing home care within those five years after making the gift, the recipients of the gift simply give back half. By giving back half of the gift, the penalty period is reduced and the applicant has sufficient funds to pay for the cost of care until he/she is eligible to apply for Medicaid.» —“You can still plan for future under new Medicaid law” by Arthur C. Weinshank, Michelle M. Liguori New Milford Spectrum (Connecticut) June 9, 2006. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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