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robotripping n. the recreational use of over-the-counter cough syrup for its narcotic effects. Also roboing. Editorial Note: This is also known as dexing and tussing, the latter from the cough syrup brand name “Robitussin.” (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  • If you or a friend of yours is a “Syrup Head” or does “roboing,” I hope you get the help that you need. Tell a teacher, counsellor, or parent if you think that you or a friend have a problem involving the use/abuse of dextromethorphan in cough syrup or cough and cold medicines. Get educated! Know the facts! “Robotripping” or Tussing” is NOT cool!

    I work in the health care field, and am also a board member of a county Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services agency in Ohio.

  • This is simply a definition of a word.  I don’t think the lexographer in any way implied that he was advocating the swilling of cough syrup by the masses.  This is not really the right forum for a PSA.  Would you write this in the margin of a hard copy dictionary? Would you assume that the lexographer who researched, defined, and recorded the words cocaine, hasish, heroin, marijuana, benzedrine, etc. had a drug habit and was endorsing drug use?  Of course not. Silliness.

  • I drank robo from 1983 to 1994.  On average, I consumed at least 8 ounces a day(one family size bottle).  The most I drank at once was 22 ounces.  I had numerous out-of-body experiences and frequent “death trips”.  Many times I experienced highs that were so intense that I asked God or whoever possibly could help me to make it go away and that I would never do it again.  Unfortunately,  as soon as I sobered up, I had to get more.  I hated life without it.  Eventually I matured and realized that I needed to change my ways or die.  I am in no way condoning or recommending the abuse of cough syrup, just relating part of my story to try to dissuade anyone from wasting their time and life on such a stupid drug.  No matter how good or bad robo makes you feel when you’re on it, it’s just a waste of precious time.

  • The active ingredient in the over the counter drugs is Dextromethorphan thus the ‘DM’ in Robitussin DM. DM is a weak heroin derivative to inhibit the part of the brain that regulates coughing.  It doesn’t have some of the undesirable side effects of heroin or other heroin like drugs, but can cause uncoordination leading to a stiff uncoordinated walk and the ‘robo’ and ‘robot’ terms mentioned above.  It can also cause fever, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea and a alcohol-like hangover.  In fact it is much more likely that you will experience the negative effects than the euphoric and out of body experiences that all the sloppy syrup-heads say you’ll get.  Don’t do it.

  • Actually, Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide is a Morphine derivative. Heroin is also a morphine derivative. There’s a crucial difference between a drug being “Morphine derived” and “Heroin derived.” Morphine is extracted from the seedpod of the Asian poppy.  Heroin comes from synthesizing Morphine and “cutting” it with a variety of substances.

  • Sorry Andrew, but it doesn’t sound to me like you’ve ever experienced a Robo high.  Why do you make a reference to “sloppy syrup-heads” as if your information is accurate.  Unfortunately for myself, I drank Robo well over 4,000 times, and I never experienced an “alcohol-like hangover”.  If anything, the “hangover” is more like being on speed without the hard comedown.  I had a therapist when I was in a rehabilitation center that was trying to relate her knowledge of drug abuse and addiction to me until I found out that she went to school to learn about it, she had never even tried drugs.  It’s impossible for an inexperienced person to even fathom the details that a user goes through, especially when it comes to drinking cough syrup.  At least Jen knows that DM is Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide.  Drink a couple of family size bottles and I promise you that you’ll understand what it’s all about. Good Luck.

  • oh god. this stuff is so crazy. o.k. whenever i did it, i always got sick [ccc’s] but after i threw up i didnt usually lose my high, sometimes i did, however. but, it does stiffen you walking, i found it the first time i could ever do the robot and practiced for hours in my kitchen. it was also extremely hard to put my thoughts and words together, so it was difficult for me to get the words out of my mouth. i also always saw mulitples of thing two up to four of the same thing. my friends used to pick on me when i did it cause id close one eye to look at them. never had diarehea. but vomiting, stiffness, poor thought processing, allover numbness, etc. the expericences were always fun. the hangover could bw maybe somewhat related to the feeling of an alcohol induced hangover, but not completely. ccc’s/roboing is an extremely hard drug to explain its like asking a coke user or another complicated drug to explain what its like. i would actually write journal entries when i was high.
    i would try it one time or something, but dont go crazy with it. i started getting really bad migranes and stomach aches and ive heard it puts holes in your brain. its wouldnt surprise me if it were true.

  • For Brian: Sometimes you can get a really bad upset stomach, which sometimes leads to vomiting or painful spasms in the abdomen. Other times your vision can get blurry or you see double of everything. Sometimes you can get really loaded, beyond what you might have been hoping for, and it just won’t go away for hours. You just have to ride it out, even though it seems like it might not want to ever quit. It usually increases your heart rate dramatically, which could lead to overwhelming anxiety at times. There were times when I really felt like I was dying, or that death had come over me (a death trip) which can be a pretty bad or unusual experience. I turned pale on several occasions and had to lay down on the ground because it felt like the right thing to do. During these times I had a sensation of rising out of my physical being into the air above myself and seeing my lifeless body below me. Luckily on each occasion I returned after a short period of time only to find that I had returned to an unbelievably drugged-up body. Also, most of the time after the initial robo trip is wearing off, instead of coming down hard like some other drugs, I was usually amped up pretty good like doing speed without the come down. So if you don’t like the feeling of not being able to sleep and having a rapid heart rate, that would be a bad thing.
      Just a few of the bad effects that could possibly occur when using robitussin.

  • For all of you people who are making comments about “robotripping” and have never tried it, i gave u the same advice Keith did. The only way to know exactly what it’s like is to try it. I’ve been using robitussin recreationally for about 7 months now, and it has been rather… interesting. It’s something that’s extremely hard to explain. It’s like you are all sped up, but you also have the most unusual thoughts ever, and some very strange closed eye visuals. For those of you who have done ecstasy I find the two to be slightly comparable because I become very sensitive to touch on both of them, and when “robotripping” and “rolling” on ecstasy I also see weird light patterns. I’m not sure if my body has a problem processing Dextromethorphan but the day after I always feel really bad, not only physically but mentally as well. During my sessions of doing the drug I find music to be very pleasing and I like to just relax and think the weirdest thoughts. I’m not trying to encourage the recreational use of OTC cough syrup, but for some reason I seem to like it a lot. (Oh, and for any of you looking for a tip, smoking weed boosts the robotrip like you wouldn’t believe.)

  • The people I knew in the 1990s who were regular group robotrippers would inevitably do something called “the duckwalk”: after becoming quiet and losing their peripheral vision and much interest in what was going on around them, one would display unusual initiative and set out for some destination (usually a particular building where they could lie on the roof and look at the stars), and the others would follow him in a line.  The followers did not seem to think much for themselves while robotripping, but were content to go duckwalking behind someone else.

  • you can have heart attacks when you do dex….I’m surprised that hasn’t been mentioned. not to say it isn’t fun though.

  • robotripping is not that great. i have always bashed the robo trippers becuase i thought it was low, then a close friend tried it and said i should only bash it after i did it, so i did it. i would describe it as being really drunk and high at the same time, and constantly on the verge of vomiting, but never actually vomiting. i dont plan on doing it again. just go get some weed, its easy enough to find

  • Years ago I robotripped ALOT. To this day I can not take any OTC cold meds containing the same ingredients w/ out feeling sick. Cough syrups are out of the question! When I have a bad cold…I have to just suffer through it!  It was fun when I robo’d in my 20’s…but the after affects that I now deal w/ in my mid 30’s are not worth it!

  • I’m not following these posters who mention hangover, nausea or other sickness in association with Robo DM.  I’m 47 years old, and I had never robotripped before a couple of weeks ago, when I came down with a cold.  I was coughing so much one evening that I ended up downing an entire 8oz bottle of Robitussin DM within an hour.  I wasn’t expecting any sort of hallucinogenic effects, but about 45 minutes after ingesting the stuff, I found that I couldn’t close my eyes and sleep because everytime my eyelids came down, it was SHOWTIME…  I was having some really intense closed-eye hallucinations, a lot of glowing wireframe images and beautiful morphing effects.  It was kind of frightening to me at first, until I realized that it was the RoboDM doing its thing…for about 5 hours straight.  Since then, I’ve taken the same 8 oz doses of RoboDM 5 or 6 times, just for the hallucinatory effects.  Amazing stuff.  Unlike the effects of alcohol, my judgement and motor functions are not impaired at all while Robotripping, I can still write coherently (even poetically), and the next day I experience no hangover or sickness whatsoever.  The last time I did it, I downed a full 16 oz of RoboDM, the effects of which lasted a good 12 hours, with the most intense and realistic hallucinations I’ve ever experienced—including several OBE’s and even contact with entities “on the other side” (whatever that means).  As with my previous, smaller doses, I experienced no sickness, no terrible loss of coordination, no negative effects at all, really.  I’m not saying it’s totally safe for everybody, but it seems to be perfectly safe for me.  Fantastic stuff.

  • Tripping on cough medicines used to be my life.  I’m only 17 years old.  I would take Triple C’s(coricidn cough and cold HbR) recreationally 3 days a week at school.  It seemed like the greatest thing ever, until earlier this year I started to get sick off it.  My liver, I believe, is pretty much shot.  Dex can cause liver problems, heart problems(heart attacks) and other horrible things.  The only time I ever hallucinated off it was the last two times I did it.  I got really sick, threw up multiple times then went to dry heaving, and when I sat down, I saw a lot of bad things.  I was talking to people who weren’t even there.  I had to call my mom to come get me from school, and I went on to sleep it off.  Your pupils get extremely dilated on this stuff too.  My friends and I used to steal it from Walgreens.  I was the first one in my group to realize this stuff wasn’t good for you.  Coricidin also contains other active ingrediants, besides dex, than can cause serious harm when ingested in large doses.  Be very, very cautious if you are going to do this.  If you really want to robotrip, then go for Robitussin.  I tried my first bottle of that earlier today(leading me to find facts on the internet), and it’s not too bad.  By tomorrow though, I will never touch cough medicine again.  It’s scary stuff.  I’ll stick with marijuana and alcohol.  Have fun and be safe everyone!

  • I smoke weed and have done a half eighth of shrooms and 12 pills of dramamine in the past year but i have half of a 8oz bottle of robo dm and a full bottle of Nyquil (reg size) i havent found any articles bout combinding the two but i guess ill just wait till i get a full 8oz of robo cuz i dont think 4oz will fuk me up im not sure how much u need in general so can somone just answer that about 8? rite? ill check this next week to see wut u people said

  • Nyquil has a sleep agent in it that will put you to bed. Eight ounces of Robo is better. I used to drink an eight ounce bottle, sometimes take L.S.D. with it, smoke weed when the Robo starts coming on, and it’s ironic that you brought up dramamine. Sometimes I would take a handful of those, whatever is in a box of them, and along with the Robo and weed, have some of the most intense visual and auditory hallucinations one could imagine. I once was riding my bike on the riverbed at night with a bubble forcefield around me that protected me from the fact that all the stars in the night sky were falling right toward me and exploding on the forcefield. Be careful though, this is extremely intense stuff when mixed in high dosages.

  • Yeah, 8 oz seems to be the magic dose of RoboDM.  I’ve tried 4 oz, and nothing happens — it’s 8 oz and above that produce the hallucinations.  As I said earlier, I moved up to 16 oz just to push the envelope.  The effects are really no different than 8 oz, they just last twice as long.

  • And I will highly recommend a set of good Sony studio headphones and some high quality psychobilly tracks for your RoboTripping mix.  Not a party mix, this is for the lone Robo who wants to trance to pounding psychobilly.  Try a number of selections from The Cramps, The Meteors, The Nekromantix, Demented Are Go, Batmobile, and The Red Elvises.  These bands mix well, and I throw in a few hotrods gunning their engines between songs.  It’s excellent tripping music when you’re surfing the turbo-net.

  • …AND, please don’t try to replicate my positive experiences with Robitussin by ingesting high doses.  I’m a pretty big guy and my body chemistry handles it just fine, but your body may not.  Believe me, you don’t need your internal organs shutting down from overdose (a distinct possibility), which is not only a tragedy that NOBODY wants, it’s also very embarrassing when you end up in an ICU with tubes running out every orifice and a fucking priest at your bedside.  Okay?  Don’t fuck up, people.

  • just see it as a chance to move through life on a different “ship.”
    Robo’ing all comes down to whether or not you find that right fix. Yes you are adventurous, perhaps the outside is overwhelming, and things to sparkle all pretty when its wet.

    But instead of doing things like exploration and testing the bodies abilities go your brain since in reality you take drugs to find out what your brain is missing out on.

    Sit on a bed in a dark room with someone you are super good friends with or even partners with. Get a play list of “out there” music and let it play through…. Just star at the person across from you. Look into their face and just let it happen…

    You can put yourself in a different time, a different place, you can imagine the most out there ideas and have them make sense, not to mention the fact that by starring at the persons face it begins to blurr and cross and form into something else. Aliens anyone?

    Promised trip to remember. Or just go into a dark room and stand for what to you might feel like forever and just fling the door open. (best in a shed or something that the door opens to the outside world.

    For those of you who have been doing DXM trips constant over many years I either feel you are lying to some extent as to use or have very addictive personalities and cant relate to many of us on any field just because you arn’t on our field all the time. YOu tend to think in absolute. (no star wars reference) Giving you a drive to do it and your waiting to find something new. and the problem is you probably always do.

    Just remember though it takes a lot to kill you and unless you are in it to go to places you have never been before. (i.e out of body, mind taunting exploration) YOu should be fine, its getting “the fear” that tends to ruin trips.

    JUST HAVE SOMEONE CHECK YOUR PULSE and tell you that your heart is not changing beat and most likely is just a little faster then normal (usual)

    Take your time in figuring out your dosage, Iv seen drug users take 20 gel pills and never take much of a hit and Iv seen drug users take it and hit “the fear” time and time again.

  • What are the actual physical dangers?  I’m not talking about throwing up.  I’m talking about real short and long term dangers to heart, liver, kidneys, etc.  How does robo dm compare to the risks involved in other recreational drugs?  Or if anyone has a link to a website that has actual facts, not just uneducated opinions, I would appreciate that to.  Thanks a lot 🙂

  • Uneducated opinions?  When it comes to the human brain, all science has to offer are theories, which are typically disproven within a few short years.  So, you must prefer the “educated guesses” of individuals who, in all probability, have never personally ingested DM.

  • Yesterday i took eleven c’s (skittles, tripple c’s) it was the third time i have done it the first 2 were great expierences. It was my first ever trip and i feel in love with it. I had deep thoughts and become one with my spirit. Any way back to my third time robo trippin i tooke 11 c’s at about 10 am with a friend of mine i tripped all day then at about 6 pm i went a and blunt ride with 3 friends we were going at high speeds after smokin and i dnt kno what happened to me but my heart was racing my vision was blurred i didnt feel good i was just buggin out. I asked to go home and went home. I stayed up all night breathing heavy and shaking sweating and gettin the chills. My feet were numb and cold. I still dont feel normal today but i will hopefully keep gettin better. It was a great first time expierence but if ur not carful it is very dangerous. I dont suggest ever robo tripping but if u do.. do it once in a blue moon not everyday. ILl prob never touch dem skittles again.

  • What mixes well with robtussin because i hate the taste but love the trip you get. I tried Dr. Pepper and it didnt change the flavor at all. What drinks do mix well to change the flavor?

  • smoking a joint during/after a trip solves a lot of the worst side effects such as the nausea or any “scary” trips… its kind of a strange trip i get hot all over and then i start to see double and even if i do close one eye its still double! ???? anyway robotripping can be fun but its really bad for your liver as most drugs of the sort are in large amounts… best high comes when you take on an empty stomach but it feels very very strange acid is much better or even shrooms but it is something to try just because its a different kind of trip

  • I’ve done a few drugs in my life time, but robotripping is by far the best experience I’ve ever had. I mean I had an awesome out-of-body experience. The first time I did it I had a “death trip” and This was the second time. But when you do it should I suggest…..Techno..?

  • Not so horrible, Laura.  True, in the middle of robotripping, you sometimes ask yourself if you’re losing your mind (you are), and you wonder if you’ll ever return to normal (you will).  The important thing to remember is that the effects are only temporary.  No flashbacks, no deep depression afterwards or any of that shit.  For me, anyway, the trip always runs about 6 hours duration (on 12 oz), then sleep for 3 or 4 hours, and I wake up feeling fine.  No hangover, nothing.

    Recently, however, I’ve found that only the actual name-brand Robitussen gives a consistent trip.  I think the store-brands of DM are being chemically modified, so they taste shittier and don’t work as well.  For instance, the pharmacy brands of DM only take me about half-way there (to hallucination).  Robitussen, on the other hand, does it every time, same dosage.

  • This sounds so horrible! It sounds like voluntarily inducing insanity. I would never want to feel like that. I’d feel helpless and scared. I can’t imagine actually taking something that would make me feel like I’m dying. How awful.

  • Personally, I believe that taking thirty-two coricidin cough and cold and smoking a whole lot of bud is a great way to spend the night. Cough Syrup used to be fantastic a few years ago when they had pseudo ephedrine in them. I remember those robotrips more vividly than some of my later mega-trips.
    However, this is not for everyone, as I have learned. I have cajoled, begged, and tricked so many people into robotrips, only to watch them bug out and hate. I made this one poor kid drive me around town in his car when we skipped school to drink and trip. When he refused to drive any further, i tried to steal his car. I have never driven in my life.
    It’s a good time for some, a bad time for others. I think some people process it better somehow, so they are able to get the amazing trips that dextromorphan has too offer. Yet there are those who cannot take it, and I’ve learned that’s okay. Just try it once or twice, or thrice and a quattrice ( imade that word up)! But if it isn’t your deal, don’t do it. Just don’t complain about it all the time.

  • To Jen;

    Herion is simply a brand name created in the 1800’s by the Bayer company to sell their opium (usually called Luadinum) based tonics and other medicines.
    Bayer Co. (same as the asprin), German pharmecuetical company at the time, was the biggest supplier of opium based products to the US.

  • I have read all your comments about robotripping. 2 hours ago me and 3 of my friends bought 5 8oz bottles Robotussin DM and we guzzled them all down. This is the most high ive ever been in my life. were runnin around out of our minds and it wont stop. ill write more when i sober up.

  • I’ve seen the term ‘ccc’ used a lot on here. Who can explain that to me?
    I’ve never experimented with drugs of any kind; therefore, i have no knowledge of these terms whatsoever. I think robotripping sounds interesting though. Thanks.

  • CCC means coricidin cough and cold. Its dxm in its easiest form to take, with the strongest punch out of all cough medicines. Its a small red pill, although, if you want to be gentle on your stomach, wash off the red dye. The red dye normally tends to be the thing that makes people sick.

  • “This sounds so horrible! It sounds like voluntarily inducing insanity. I would never want to feel like that. I’d feel helpless and scared. I can’t imagine actually taking something that would make me feel like I’m dying. How awful.”

    Hah!  Of course it’s inducing insanity, complete chaos of whether or not your mind and body are connected or if you even exist!  But order only comes from complete chaos such as realizing that you are dying, not awful but liberating!  LSD-25 … best time of my life.

    But this robotripping sounds interesting… What’s the best thing to take for your first time?

  • The smoothest ride (physically speaking) is the name brand Robitussen DM Non Drowsy, but make sure it’s DM.  I started out with an 8 oz bottle, have experimented with higher and lower doses, and finally settled on 12 oz as the best dose.

    After ingesting the entire contents, be prepared for about 1 hour of nothing—it takes about this long for a good amount of DM to enter the bloodstream.  After that, you’ll start feeling somewhat big-headed, then you’ll begin experiencing some visual effects—to judge when this begins to happen, I recommend reading or writing online until the text takes on a 3D appearance.  You’ll know what I mean when it happens.

    You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how little your motor skills are impaired at first (but I wouldn’t try driving if I were you).  You can make a choice at this point whether you want to continue writing or if you want to close your eyes and take a hallucinatory trip…either way, you won’t be going to sleep. 

    Once the drug takes effect, you’re looking at about 6 hours straight of some mind-blowing time distortion, visuals, and, of course, that annoying feeling that you’re losing your mind.  That’s just the first time, however.  If you’ve done LSD or mushrooms before, you’ll probably slide right in without fear or anxiety.

    The hallucinatory aspect seems dependent on your eyes being closed, even though you won’t be able to sleep.  I start out seeing really elaborate 3D glowing wire-frame objects on a black background.  This is usually followed by waves of glowing liquids washing over me, followed by some of the most outstanding and realistic scenes and morphing landscapes… You’ll want to reach out and touch, believe me, but you won’t be able to see your hands or body.  It’s like being invisible, which is cool.

    The first few times you try it, these hallucinations will be pretty much static—meaning that you won’t have any control over them.  With practice (several trips later), you WILL be able to manipulate the phantasms.

    Toward the end of the trip, your rational mind starts working again, you’ll feel euphoric and talky, but then you’ll also feel sleepy (the non-drowsy formula wearing off).  Time to sleep for a few hours, and you wake up with hardly any hangover or after-effects.  Drink a lot of water when you get up, go to the toilet and pass whatever wastes need passing, and you should be good for the rest of the day.

    Frankly, I’d only Robotrip about once a week.  As harmless as it seems, remember that you’re still ingesting a bunch of man-made pharmaceuticals, and that aint good.  Remember that the stated purpose of Robitussen is to dry out your lungs and suppress your coughing reflex.  It’s the latter one that’s important.  In order to suppress your cough reflex, this stuff targets a specific part of your lower brain.  The same area that controls breathing, heartbeat, etc.  Very sensitive area.  So you don’t want to go crazy and guzzle this shit like beer, otherwise you might induce multiple organ failure.

    Find a good dose for you, probably between 8 oz and 12 oz, and stay with it.  Don’t be tempted to take more and more—a higher dose doesn’t increase the intensity of the trip, it only lengthens it.  As with anything that’s man-made, it’s bound to kill your ass if you abuse it excessively.  Hell, creme-filled Twinkies will kill you if eat enough of them. 

    Just remember, moderation in all things, and stay in control.

  • dude im robotrippin now and its my first time and it is so awesome!  I thought i was dying, cause my heart was goin so fast n then everyone told me to calm down and enjoy it and now that I did its so cool!

  • one time i was unable to say a single word for about two hours.My dad woke me up out of a comatose on thanksgiving day. I was on a home visit from a juvinille detention program and he drove me back about an hr.later,when we arrived i finally was able to tell him tha i was tripping. which is what i had been trying to basically tell him for the last 3 hr’s. when we went inside to sign intheay new right away that i was high……i was taking babysteps and disorentilly walking where i shouldent walk. theay soon had me in handcuffs and on my way to a charter like rehab.To make a long story short..the only way i surrived that night was by going to the auctual ER. I had the highest blood pressuure of anyone who had ever ridden with all the paramedics that day. Theay gave me activated charcole i’m in my late twenties suffer from sevier disobilitating anxiaty though.

  • i tried robotripping for my first time last week… im a small girl so a drank a 4 oz. bottle… me and my friend thought it would b fun because we had a long drive home (we werent driving, someone else was). i didn’t feel the effects for a while… but i started to notice it when we would pass different cities with a lot of lights… the lights were so interesting to me. i didnt really start to “trip” until i got home and laid down in my bed… every time i closed my eyes i would see different cartoons and animations.. it was impossible to sleep..i laid with my eyes open for a while then i started to see bad things so i tried to calm myself down.. after a while it was the best feeling in the world i saw all sorts of lights that i would sit and watch, and then i felt like my body was floating in a cloud.. it was amazing . despite the bad parts i would def do it again.

  • i like to trip shrooms every other month and smoke a shit load of weed, and had a great experience with acid once at a sound tribe show. never tried robotripping but my friends have told me its a good time. I slightly fucked up my liver from drinking and taking pills at the same time a shit load in high school (opiates, barbituates), but i’m willing to take the side effects from tryin the stuff one time so i can experience this shit for myself.post after my experience for the before and after perspectives.

  • well i’ve robotripped probably over ten times and most of the things people have posted about it are correct. i have actually never had an outer-body trip but when i do it i see everything in frames and it feels as if everything that is going on is not really happening; like everything is a movie around you. i also experience full body numbness and the numbness you get in your face can actually be stronger than that of a coke high. unfortunately you can have bad trips also like one time pretty recently i drank robo and then heard a story about someone overdosing and dying, after hearing this at the height of my trip that was all i could think about and i thought i was gonna die. besides that though the good high effects you get from robo are great and i suggest everyone trys it multiple times.

  • I know someone who drank 8oz of the generic brand “tussin extra strength” and didnt feel like anything described above. He said he only felt dizzy, almost like if he drank a lot. Is this common when taking it for the first time or at all?

  • i have just started robotripping and i did it 4 nights in a row. the 1st 2 nights were the greatest high of my life but the 3rd night for about half the trip i was freaking out thinking it wa too much as some other said a “death trip” the fourth night i had a death trip the whole time and got scared and went to sleep. Should i be afraid of expiercing more bad trips or should it be ok to continue robo triping

  • If it was a first time, 8oz would probably be enough for a mild-to-decent trip.  HOWEVER, the generic “store brand” formulas (like CVS brand or Rite Aid brand, for examples) can have pretty rough side effects—I tried a store brand DM cough syrup a while back, knocked off 12oz of the stuff, and I was VERY disappointed.  I was awake and jittery all night, felt like shit all the next day.  Possibly, the generic “store brand” DM formulas may contain disagreeable additives to discourage abuse.  In my experience, the original Robitussen DM is the only “smooth” formula without sickening after-effects.  Again, make sure the formula you’re taking does contain a big, bold “DM” in its name, not just “extra strength tussen”

  • Regarding “death tripping”… First of all, DON’T do this stuff every night.  As I’ve mentioned in other posts, the purpose of Robitussin DM is to SUPPRESS the cough reflex.  Now, you medical students out there should be able to confirm that the cough reflex is one of the most basic of all reflexes.  In fact, when you’re actually dying, the cough reflex is the last reflex to shut down—when the cough reflex goes, your airways become congested with mucus, producing the “death rattle” that is heard just before you die.  So, the cough reflex is a very, very basic reflex, centered in the same part of the brain stem that regulates breath and heartbeat.  You start chemically fucking with THAT area of the brain, and you’re playing with fire—I mean, there’s a very real chance that your internal organs could stop working.  That’s why I do Robo DM only about once a week, and sometimes I’ll stop doing it for a month or so, just to refresh my bloodstream, right?  But the point I started to make was that, when you chemically suppress your cough reflex, your brain may start to SUSPECT that you really ARE dying.  For that very reason, you may start having death thoughts, panic, and paranoia.  The first time I robo-tripped, for example, I didn’t even know what was happening, I didn’t realize that I had overdosed—I was sick with the flu, and I was just hitting the Robitussin every fifteen minutes.  Next thing you know, I was tripping my ass off, I thought I was losing my mind, and I was terrified that I might die.  Next day, I felt fine, and that’s when I discovered what Robo-tripping was all about.  After you learn to control or let go of your fear, your trip is 10X better.  But, I wouldn’t recommend hitting the shit every night.  You’ve gotta give your brain and blood time to recover between trips, right?

  • I ve been trippin for years and enjoy my highs. I have never had a true out of body experience and am willing to try. What really sucks these days is that all my locations for hooking up are not selling them anymore. So Ive been using DM and Delsyum. I really like 12 oz. but I have heard Delsyum is made from plastic or some shit so I now afraid of drinking to mauch of that anymore. The new Grape flavor is good cauyse you don’t have the nauseating taste of the others. But I really wish they would sell straight out Triple C’s. That was the best 36 of those babies and I’m set for a nice cheap buzz…..

  • Not to go too far off track, but I wanted to respond to the Out-of-Body comment.  There are chemicals that can help facilitate an OBE, but it always depends on your ability to relax and control your fear.  I mean, there’s no drug that is going to produce an OBE 100% guaranteed.  I’ve had a few OBEs while Robo-tripping, but it wasn’t the DM that produced the OBE.  Again, it’s all about your ability to control the experience with your mind, and that means overcoming your internal panic and chaos.  Now, I will concede that I had an involuntary OBE once, back in the 1980s, but I think that was because I REALLY WAS dying… We were sitting around huffing butyl nitrate one night, it was my turn, and I was in the middle of a deep hit—Suddenly, this chick reached for the bottle before I was finished, and SLOSHED the butyl nitrate in my face.  Liquid went up my nose, in my mouth… And it was like instant LIGHTS OUT.  Next thing I knew, I was standing across the room, watching all my panic-stricken buddies trying to revive somebody who had passed-out in the floor… Then I realized that IT WAS ME!  Yeah, I did recover, but it was about 4 hours before I regained consciousness.  So, yeah, some chemicals can KICK YOUR ASS out of your body, but you don’t call it an OBE… You call it a NDE (Near Death Experience).  Take care, y’all.

  • I’m actually coming off of 540mg right now…I usually take Delsym but I’m really tired of the taste…If this robitussin DM stuff is so good, how does it taste? I’ve tried straight robitussin before and it was NASTY

  • The taste of Robitussin DM is thick, medicinal cherry, and it doesn’t grow on you, trust me.  It takes me about 4 swallows to down a 12 oz bottle, and I really have to work up to that last swallow.  On the other hand, the real Robitussin brand tastes MUCH better than the the drugstore brand generic DM formulas.  I can hardly take a dose of CVS or RiteAid brand DM without boofing.

    Here’s a trick, though, that works as well with Robitussin DM as it does with tequila…stick that shit in the freezer for about half an hour before you drink it.  Then drink it fast and chase it with something cleansing—I use a sparkling white grape juice chaser, with just a bit of fizz.

    Also, don’t take Robitussin DM on an empty, empty stomach, especially if you have a sensitive stomach.  The shit can bounce back up unexpectedly, which is a REALLY nasty taste.  And DON’T eat JUST BEFORE you do your DM dose, because it can screw up your trip.  I’d say eat a moderate meal about 4 hours before you dose-up, and stick with beverages throughout your trip.

  • this sounds really badass

    this only drugs i’ve done are weed, painkillers, and i’ve taken zanix or whatever once. i’ve always wanted to try shroomz and acid but this sounds easier to get. everyone tells me i’m really good at controlling my high because im small and can smoke way more weed than everyone else and control myself and enjoy my highs, while everyone else is puking and passing out.

    im have to try try this. actually i’m going to this weeknd

  • well i did more research and found out that delsym actually has twice the amount of dxm in it (compared to robitussin dm) and it tastes tolerable because while it may be disgustingly sweet, my tender tastebuds only recoil a little bit…anyways if you think youve established yourself in the robo world, try drinking a large bottle of delsym (900mg) or even 1200mg…I did 900 once with my friend and it was great…philosophies…halo 3 …movies…MIND FUCKED

  • One thing I discovered (think I mentioned it several months ago) is that more is not more with DM… By that I mean, when you hit the correct dose for a good trip, taking MORE is not going to increase the QUALITY of your trip, it just increases the duration.  Like, a 12oz dose of Robo gives me about a 6 hour trip.  When I pushed it to 16oz or 20oz, the hallucinations, etc, didn’t get better—it just fucked me up for for 9 to 12 hours instead of 6.

    Delsym claims to stop coughs for up to 12 hours on 1 normal dose, which sounds to me like it IS more concentrated than Robo.  I’ll give Delsym a try and see what kind of shit shakes loose.

  • well…ive done 350mg after building up a tolerance and i was frustrated with the results…it was boring…and 480mg was enough to kindof satisfy me and i was able to hang out at school on that…900mg was crazy…but whats funny is 690mg was more satisfying than 900 cuz there was no nausea and i didnt get the roboshits…plus it was just crazy….probly cuz i moved around alot…someday…i hope to try 1200mg

  • I have been doing tripple c’s for 11 years now, its awsome, i went to jail once for steeling, I dont steal them anymore, anyway, have fun robotripping you guys, peace.

  • triple c’s have other active ingredients in them that can fuck up your liver…dxm only is the safest way…be careful

  • I hope you’re not serious…The fact that we like to do soft-core drugs once every other week or so does not make us lazy jobless bitch-holes. What’s sad is that if you are, as you say, a taxpayer, you’re ignorant beyond belief. Try some recreation out for size…maybe it’ll open up your eyes…maybe THOUGHT will ensue.

  • i have robotripped twice and that shit is crazy. the first time i smoked a fat ass joint right after and when the robo hit me i didnt know what the fuck was going on. i went to a park and thought i was a lion. the second time i did it i was at my house and we listened to i am the walrus by the beatles and i could see the the music. robotrippin is a great high and i cant wait to do it again. i recamend it to anyone who wants to have a good time.

  • Ya, I robotrip like every other week and I’ve been trying to cut down. I’m scared about being really stupid when I’m older or something. And the controversy over whether you can get Olney’s Lesions from doing it kind of scares me. Before doing it I suggest going to http://www.erowid.org and go to DXM. Great website all around. Before doing it my first time I read up on it for a good couple of hours. Robo-tripping is a good time but I wouldn’t abuse it too much.

  • I’m pretty sure the Onley’s lesions only come about if you robotrip just about every day for like four years like some people have. Every other week or so i’snt going to really mess you up in the long run…unless it’s a REALLY long run (as in doing that for 12 years or something).

  • By the way, I don’t see why you people suffer through the taste of the liquids. It ruined all liquid medicines for me for life. When I see someone drinking even niquil i cringe. I’ve only ever gotten stomach aches when I drink that DM stuff, it has that guac… second ingredient in it which is why you feel sick, because large amounts of that makes you vomit. invest the $5 in the Robitussin Soft gels. I’d rather take it by way of a suppository up my ass than drink that nasty liquid again. and the soft gels has no second ingredient that will kill you or make you sick.

  • the gels are good…try delsym too…its more potent, the only active ingredient is dex, and it tastes really sweet…no nasty robobitterness

  • first shit don’t taste bad ya’ll bitches..ALRIGHT im A fuckin JUNKIE lemme tell ya i tryed this shit when i was like 16 and hated it now im 21 DID EVERY DRUG fucked my leg up cuz of heroien nerve dmg and everything it sux. so i got put on probation and said fuck it i can’t do drugs but robo won’t show in a piss test so drank a bottle felt good. then when i drank 2 bottles felt out of this world if was FUCKIN AMAZING i was so high i thought i was never coming down for real i fucking got hooked.. so now i be doing this shit like everyday now i don’t really be hallucinating and seeing things like yall say.. but rececntley i got a alchohl braceelet thing on that detects alchohl in my body so u can’t drink the syrup so i went to the (CCC) cloricidin what ever .. they where allright at first but i fuckin hate em man they make my fuckin eye hurt and nothing like the syrup fuck the pill shit drink it. SO im JUST waiting till i got court to get this bracelet look out tussin here i come OHHH WEEE.. AND YALLL PUSSYS I LOVE THE TASTE HAHAHHA….. Im curious how this is gonna fuck my body up long turn but i don give a fuck hahha

  • Very funny.  What you have is a MENTAL problem, not a drug problem.  I only took Robo when I wanted to—haven’t taken it in two months right now.  I may never take it again, and that prospect doesn’t bother me in the least, so I know I’m not and never was “addicted” to DM.  I tried it, experimentally, for several months, pushed it about as far as it would go, and realized that I had explored everything Robo had to offer.  In other words, I learned something from the experience, and then I moved on.  Haven’t been taking anything at all for the last couple of months, just enjoying Life—but I may grow some exotic plants in the backyard, such as Salvia D, and giving that shit a try in the future.

  • Hmmm you all say drink the dm i think the extra strength cough works way better it has 15mg of dxm compared to 10 and no other acitive ingrediants.. i tripped alot harder didn’t even trip off of 2 of the dm i think my tolereance to dxm sky rocketed it sux.. its likme i can’t get as high as i did those first couple times…

  • wow i took 60 of the liqui gels and i don’t even remember i know i was fucked up i think i fell asleep during it sucked. i took em at like 7pm and im woke up atat 7 its now 8 am and my vision is still fucked up i think 60 gel caps is to much 🙂 but i know it came on hard i wish i remebered cuz i was fucked up son…

  • You idiots. Its not worth it. Its not something you want to live with. It haunts you. You can’t forget it. It doesn’t just “go away”. You know you did it. and you have to live with that. Your not the same person you were before. You change. Your dumber. You can’t think about anything else. You begin to hate it. And it makes you wish you never did it. You start telling people, “don’t do it”…“you’ll regret it”…Those who have done it, know now…listen to those who have robo-tripped. When something you do is going to kill you, would you still do it? Are you ready to die?

  • Matt, it sounds as though you’re afraid of death.  When people reach a certain level of maturity, they no longer fear death, because death is a certainty.  I’m going to die, you’re going to die, all the babies in the world are going to die.  When you grow up, Matt, you’ll realize that you’ve been living your young life in needless fear of something that you can’t escape.  Without that infantile fear, you’ll be free to think and act responsibly—that is to say, you will ACCEPT the possibility of death as a consequence of your actions, rather than running and hiding or trying to spread YOUR FEAR to others.  We’ve already accepted that responsibility, Matt.  WE don’t fear death, which is why we’re free.  YOU are living in a fearful little world, which is why you’ll always be a victim, afraid to experiment and push the envelope.

  • Well Jim, it sounds like you had a good time. Its a good idea to trip with people cause someone will hopefully remember something. When my one friend would black out from it, he’d start doing the robot for bong hits. I think one time he called me the sphinx.
    Good times.
    I read a comment about no hangovers. What total bullshit. Yeah at first you feel okay afterwards, but after awhile of usage, gad damn does it suck to come down (unless there is lots of bud, then its surprisingly pleasant, if a little sweaty) Maybe its the shit I’ve chugged and popped, but I’ve gotten massive cold sweats, breakouts, and all around anxiety. Not often with depression though, I would just be freaked out by everything. Not in the fun way like six hours before.

  • The comedown for me is actually pretty nice. I just have a slight lack of balance and it somehow puts me in the best mood. Sometimes when I take very high amounts (like 900mg) I actually get a little tired of the feeling…it can stick with me for up to 4 days

  • Yeah, I’m the one who said I had no hangovers from Robo, and I was telling the truth.  I’ve had some of the shittiest fucking hangovers you can possibly imagine, from a variety of substances, but Robo was like coming down from koolaid, compared to other shit.

  • That has just not been my experience with it. Nowadays I can’t even go in the cold medicine isle without feeling sick. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way too. A lot of my friends have stopped robo tripping because the come downs were getting too harsh.
    Now, i used to trip at the 1000 milligram level a lot, sometimes higher. Normally, my poison would be Coricidin Cough and Cold in the purple pack, that and Robotussin Long Acting. CCC is like a bitch slap of a trip, almost exactly forty-five minutes after taking it,  I’d be tripping hard. But it ended quickly and left me feeling shitty.
    I think that those who have dodged the come down bullet must have had better supplies on hand than I did.

  • Well im sitting here Doing it for the first time, I read that you should start of doing the 8 oz thing, I dident mix it with anything i just took it straight. I started about 30min ago taking it and prolly got 6oz in me so far nothing. So waiting to see what happens im ganna finish the rest of the bottle when im done typing here. so yea I guess now

  • wow a full cup of the shit, i onlyhave a 100ml botttle,  now idont know if i should drink it, fuck, how can anyone get THAT MUCH down their hatch, thats disgusting, well, after an hour of hearing all the bad and good sides, i wonder what this 4oz will do to me for the first time, oh and im also drinking those cold drinks, 500mg of acetaminophene or some shit. dunno how its spelled not looking to write it down, ill br back with some answers soon….

  • ok and Slim is back again, Well, I was really worried about having those hangovers, or some sort of chemicalimbalance inmy body to make me feel like shit, i felt NOTHING,
    it was just like ketamine to me, it took just over an hour to hit, then, i was really really high, it was great. The only thing i felt was my stomach beggin for food, it would not stop growling, even my cat w2ouldnt come nearme.  so bobitussin extra strength, with 15mg of DM in everyteaspoon, thats thie shit, not the pill shit, it has 15 mg PLUS 500mg of acetaminophen in each pill too, so the amount you would drink in the tussin, has no acet in it, so yournot consuming 15000 mg of acet to get high. the robitussin dm extra strength, is the only one i would trust, it onlyhas dm and gauifenesin in it which is the shit that helps lub the lungs and clear the cold shit.

    “Hey Slim, what is that shit your drinking,” “Tussin Bitch Tussin”

  • well im back, and im fucked up, i have to say this is like ketamine. wow. first off im going to say that eveeryone is different there bodies what they can handle what they have done what they are immune to all different so ppl that are looking for a specific, THERE IS NONE. ok so back on track here, i barely eat, and i have been up for like two days now playing Fallout 3 for the ps3, oh yes highest reso def. im fucked, lol concoction is as follows-

    Colds and Flu Extra Strength Hot Liquid Medicine 1 packet 500 mg acetaminophine
    Option+ flu relief daytime pill which each pill has the “DM” 15mg,  i only had one,

    and one 100ml bottle of Robitussin extra strength with the “DM” in it.

    Its pretty clsoe to Ketamine and when i smoke a bowl of weed, it boosts it enormously. lol. back to the game….

  • About to try my next bottle,same size, just curious if the high fades at all, if i need more, etc etc etc. ill be back soon, same shit as above as well,

  • Hey Slim, just get a bottle of robitussin gel caps. The only ingredient is DXM, so no acetominaphen, which if you take enough of will kill you.

  • and nothing, you have to increase iit i guess, maybe its just cuz it was only 300 or so mg or dm. still cant stand the taste, whoever can drink a full big bottle is hurrrrting for a high…….

  • im JIm im not hurting for a high its god damn cough syryup
    illl drink 2 bottles…. welll now im eating 2 bottles of the liquiagel pills.. cuz i got a alchohol braceleet on but when off… i just drink robo likke a sluslshuie mmmmmm cherrrry kooooalaid get over the taste assholes im 22 i take it to get high i don’t wanna hear aboyut u bitches saying it taste bad and all that ….IF you wannna get high you will do it thanks im on it now hahaha.. I love playing video games gears of war 2 Xbox while on DXM… YA POEPLE huit me up my email is smurf6052s@yahoo.com

  • This stuff is crazy the dude at the top has no clue what he is talking about. You do sometimes get a hangover but it isn’t a drunk hangover. It’s more like a speedy thing. I almost died from this stuff two or three days ago from a overdose. I would advise u never to get into this stuff but if you do, just never take more thaan two or three bottles. You can get a great high from just one. The high is just like an acid high. Sometimes they are better sometimes they scare you. The better ones you can see things and slows stuff down. The worse ones speeds things up, make u sweat alot, and sick at ur stomach but u choose wheter or not u want to do it.

  • Im 16 and im “Robo-tripping” right now. I take it because I suffer from Chronic Depression and the trip makes me happy. But yesterday I took 3 oz mixed with a Nos energy drink then after drank 3 more oz then waited about 4 hours and as the high started to fall i took 1 shot of rum every 10 minutes for about 40 minutes then 1 shot of cinnamon liquer every 10 minutes for 40 minutes and woke up the next morning still tripping and right now im still tripping it wont go away… not that thats a bad thing =) its the first time ive woken up happy and stayed happy for a long time.

  • Question for all you guys, I took 17, 15 mg Robotussin gel pills, you know the red ones. I’d say it took about 25-35 minutes for it to start, but right as it was starting up I had to puke up all that red dye that’s in em. I only puked once and it was a lightish red(the color of the pills) My high was pretty good afterwards, nothing negative, it was tricky to talk during the climax of my high, so it was a bit tricky stumbling through sentences and words at school but it’s all good.
    although it seemed to last me and my buddy only about 1.5- 2 or so hours or so. Any explanation as to why?
    I took them with my buddy at school at 7:40 am but i didn’t eat breakfast. Should I eat breakfast or do it on an empty stomach?
    Q2: Anyway to get rid of the red dye? Like a special way to wash it off, or if the dye is just on the top outside layer or something?
    THANKS 😀

  • I have robo tripped for about 4 years.  When I started, it kicked my ass and I was a space cadet.  My vision would be really blurry and my legs would be stiff.  I had to drive after doing it for my first time and I was delusional.  I thought I was in a video game and my car was made of plastic.  When I drove, 30 mph felt like 5 mph and I felt like my car was 10 ft tall.  I loved it so much that I did it like every day on and off.  I would walk around like a raptor and get in fights with invisible people.  I really loved to trip out to “spooky sounds” (a Halloween sounds CD).  I felt incredibly emotional about certain things and music sounded so pleasant.  I felt like I was living through every movie I watched and I felt as though every trippy night was a dream.  I loved to go out in public and one time I lost my car ant it took forever to find it.  Once I learned to control the trip, It seemed to give me energy when I rode a bike.  I couldn’t sleep on this drug and when I did, my dreams were completely insane and I would wake up in the middle of the night delusional.  I would act completely insane to the point that no one would hang out with me for after a while.  This drug made it impossible to ejaculate and would sometimes stop up my urinary track.  I started taking 14 30 mg pills (coricidin), then 16, then 20, then 24, then 28, then 32 all at once.  at this point, just looking at the pills made me sick.  I would almost throw them up (my body was telling me something).  My legs would go into seemingly endless spasms until the dex that was fueling the spasms was gone.  When I smoked marijuana with robo, it seemed to magnify the trip.  I later learned that when the chemical compound of dextromethorphan comes in contact with THC, the two chemicals combine and create a whole new toxic chemical.  When I did this, it induced many “death trips” and I would freak out.  After finding out that I was tripping on a toxin, I continued to do it for an extended time.  The robo finally turned on me and I couldn’t handle high doses all at once anymore and I took 28 30 mg pills.  Once I reached the 4th plateau, I had a seizure and went to the hospital.  After the seizure, it was like my trip was gone.  I tripped the very next day, but only took 16 pills.  I had a bad trip and all my skin went numb.  the feeling came back after about a day.  I continued to trip on and off and one time decided to take 24 pills at once.  I had another seizure in my friend’s yard.  He had to pry the rake out of my hands.  I tripped two days after that, but I found a way to not have a seizure.  If I only took 16 pills and then waited till the trip wore off some, I would take 8-16 more and be fine.  eventually my brain was fried to the point that it wasn’t sensitive to the dex anymore.  I would metabolize the drug like it was nothing, but I just couldn’t stop.  My ears ring loudly towards the end of the trip and even when I’m not tripping, my ears still ring some and my vision is not normal even when I’m sober.  I see little clear dots moving around in the air (classic signs of brain damage).  I used to be really smart and good at writing music, but now I can only remember half of what I learned in school (if not less than that) and I hardly write music anymore when I used to write every day.  The dude that introduced me to robo was like 16 and I was 18.  He said that his liver and kidneys were shot and that he would have blood in his stool.  He kept doing it regardless of the acute damage to his body and mind.  None of that stuff happened to me yet.  one ER visit revealed that my pancreas was inflamed, so I guess the main organs to be affected are the brain, liver, kidneys, and pancreas.  It can induce psychosis and make you crazy at the same time it makes you dumb.  I quit for a while and just started back a few days ago.  The trip is not the same anymore and I don’t enjoy it unless I get drunk on top of it.  The hallucinations aren’t even vivid anymore.  I just took some a few minuets ago and I hope that I can have a good trip.  If you’re a robot that wants to ruin your life and you want a cheaper version of coricidin, there is a generic cough cold formula with 30 mg of dextromethorphan HBr and 4 mg of chlorpheniramine maleate in each pill and there are 16 pills in each box.  This is the exact same thing as coricidin and cost $1.50 at family dollar and $2.00 at dollar general.  Family dollar normally is out of the cough cold boxes because of fellow robots stealing or buying it.  If they are out then you can buy a large bottle of tussin (the generic Robitussin) which is equivalent to one box of coriciin or the cough cold pills, but tussin has no antihistamine in it and it’s a little safer.  Have fun living no life like me you fellow robots of mine!

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