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Romeo and Juliet law

Romeo and Juliet law
 n.— «Sarah Farley is awaiting a hearing within the next two days on three counts under what is commonly called the “Romeo and Juliet law.” It’s defined as when one teen under the age of 19 has sex with someone of the opposite sex between ages 14 and 16. It is a felony charge.» —“Teen, mom arrested in death of infant” by Ron Sylvester Wichita Eagle (Kansas) Sept. 7, 2006. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  • i think the law should go a little futher. i no a guy that was engage to a 16 year old who got pregant into the relationship.she broke it off and the legal guardianship filed charges against the fellow because he wouldnt agree to adopt the childout to someone.he wanted to raise the boy himself.the mother since had 2 more children with 2 other men and the state of florida took her children away from her.and the boy’s mother is raiseing the child until he gets out of prison the boys child.so i think there should be exceptions.

  • I completely agree if its consensual these people should not be treated as a child rapist or another violent offender. There is estimates thirty percent of the registry is from consensaul cases and children a syoung as ten on state registries like Texas. Once this young man get sout if he is on parole he may be blocked from his child if he is required to register. Please contact me if he needs support as I know from expereince with my son who was sixteen this is a life which can be very destructive as a RSO. rickysmom@rickyslife.com or cfciowa.org

  • this person that went to prison will be getting out of prison in 1 year and he will not be on probation the girl he was engaged to be married to got pregent and she broke it off and the baby was a boy which the gut,s mother got temp custody to the father gets out of prison.the mother wet on to have 3 more babies n wich the state took custody of,she fled the state with warrants for her,the father of her boy refuse to adopt him out and thats why the press charges

  • It is estimated thirty percent of the registry is consensual cases. I have a talk show through talk shoe love to invite all to join in and listen. I’m looking for stories about age of consent for my next three shows…if interested contact me or visit my temporary site talkshoe.com search by call numbers 23663 or email me…We must begin to fight to save our sons

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