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Schnibbles, Schnippel, Schniddles

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Barney from Carmel, Indiana, says his family always used the term schniddles to refer to e teeny bits of detritus left on the table after snipping paper snowflakes. It’s most likely a variant of schnibbles, a far more common term for “scraps,” or “small pieces,” which is heard in parts of the United States that were settled largely by German immigrants. The term comes from German Schnippel, meaning “scraps.” This is part of a complete episode.

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  • I have used “schnibbles” to refer to a few bites of my food leftover fed to my dogs, to replace “table scraps”. No idea where it came from, I came here to look it up and see if it was a real word. If I ask my dogs “oh boy would you like a schnibble?” they know that means a yummy bite of people food, lol.

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