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scraper n. an automobile, especially a large, unfashionable passenger vehicle that has been customized. Editorial Note: This term appears to originate in and be specific to northern California, especially the San Francisco Bay area. Etymological Note: Despite the obvious suggestion of scraper, automobiles called by this term do not seem to be low-riders or lead sleds. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  • This is completely incorrect. As E-40 himself (respected Bay Area slangologist) has explained, a scraper is a point A to point B type of car such as a Maverick or Cutlass with a nice soundsystem and 20+ rims. Basically a cheap old used car with Excessive accesories or unecessary upgrades.

  • WIth all due respect to E-40 for his rhymes and styles, he’s not a reliable source about slang, no matter what he says, not matter what he writes, and no matter what kind of half-assed dictionary he puts out. He regularly makes outrageous and provably false claims about the origins and meanings of slang. My definition is supported by the citations which demonstrate how the term was used as of November 2004. However, since it has been more than a year since I defined this term and since slang meanings do tend to flicker in their intensity and waver between meanings, I’ll dig around for new evidence to see if its usage has changed.

  • My apologies homie, I didn’t mean to come off like a hater. I’m from the Bay area (northern cali) and we use this word everyday. I have listened to numerous songs by E-40, Keak da Sneak, Mistah F.A.B, Bun B, Mike Jones, Too $hort, Al Kapone, and 8 ball which have detailed what a scraper is. I would also like to refute your claim that E-40 is not reliable as a slang expert. Although he is at times inconsistant with his rapping he is certainly a credible source when investigating Slang. The reason why is very simple, he has invented roughly 50% of the slang that is currently in use in hiphop culture. Skrilla, Scratch, Dodo, Gouda, Broccoli, Chalupa, Yay, Yay area, and many other words are attributed to him and he even using izzle at the end of a word was popularized by e-40 before snoop picked it up. He has invented more slang words that people widely use than any other individual that I am aware of, if I am incorrect please let me know.

  • “Izzle” is a great example of how E-40 has you snookered. “Izzle” isn’t a slang word on its own, it’s part of a larger nonsense way of speaking in which “iz” inserted in the middle of words. Go listen to “Double-Dutch Bus” and tell me what you hear. That’s right: Frankie Smith using an “(i)z” infix in 1981. That infix also appears in a glossary of tagging/bombing slang from 1982. But like I said: I’ll look into scraper and see if the definition needs to be revised. Just give me some time.

  • You knuckle heads have way too much time on your hands. E-Feezy is hands down the inventer of more than 90% of what rappers spit. I mean, foreallado’ this do has created a way of speaking. I live in the PH-Sex and we gig to this dude. It seems too many people want to nail down something that is meant to be vague. This is under-ground music for under-ground folx. Ya’ll cats failize to undadig the point. You stay arguing a point that is pointless. Go and check a breezys oil or be about your scratchmate. Thats it. If you and your homies understand what you tombot, thats all that matters. What you need to do is buy a Hustle collection from start to finish and you will peep what is real. Fashiggado’ By the way, a scraper is whatever the hell you want it to be. It can be an tricked out EXT or a 350$ bucket. Its how you MOB that defines a screezy. Idiots…

  • wat yall homies saying is wack..i know e 40 and his the illezt rapper alive..who is the best pac nas big e 40.nt no best..but when it comes to west coast.der is one best e 40..fo shizzle ma nizzle..

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