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 n.— «Here we can see the influence of English (файно is a Russified version of “fine”) and the ad industry (чисто тайд—pure Tide). English can also be found in several words for sex (факать, фачить) as well as a plethora of words for a young woman: гёрла, герлёнок, гёрлышка, гирлица. French is represented by the cheerful селява (accent on the second syllable)—from c’est la vie. However, it has been corrupted—perhaps due to the rhythmic echo of халява (freebie, something good attained free of charge)—to mean “life,” as in the phrase, Летом у нас была просто клёвая селява. (This summer life was just great.) » —“Mouthing Off” by Michele A. Berdy Moscow Times (Russia) May 14, 2004. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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