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 n.— «Mr. Pruitt made a statement to the officer that the bag’s contents were just “shake,” a term meaning residual amounts of marijuana.» —“Benson Arrest Spree Continues With Eight Charged In One Day” by Shelah Ogletree Daily Record (Dunn, North Carolina) Dec. 20, 2006. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  • ‘Shake’ is what one gets when ‘buds’ are not present. If you shake up enough buds, then remove them from the bag, you have ‘shake’. Careful, there may be ‘seeds’ in ‘shake’.

    Here’s another one: ‘brown frown’. Known as low-quality stuff; from Mexico. As opposed to ‘chronic’ (the good stuff).

    Note: ‘Shake’ has been around for decades…

    BTW, I know this stuff just from the movies (!)

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