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 n.— «Mountain bikers are always hunting for something called singletrack. Like fresh powder for skiers or the perfect wave for surfers, singletrack is one part natural phenomenon, one part mystical experience and one part marketable commodity. The ideal trail requires a balance of scenery and challenge. It can’t be unrideably sandy or rocky or steep—too technical, in bike lingo—nor can it be boringly wide, flat and safe. There needs to be enough risk to get the heart rate humming and to skin a few knees, yet a tour operator doesn’t want to ship clients home in body bags. Great singletrack must inspire the euphoric mental state that psychologists, New Age gurus and extreme-sports addicts all call flow.» —“The Quest for El Dorado” by David Leach National Post (Canada) July 6, 2007. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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