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  • I have 2 ideas about how to get rid of hiccups. A technique I have used for many decades is one of mind control & it works for me everytime. Basically, it involves stopping what you are doing and just concentrating on the hiccups while breathing normally. When I first started, it would take 20-30 seconds to be successful. Now, after many years of practice, I can get rid of hiccups in less than 5 seconds. The other idea is from an elementary school teacher who would have children wanting to leave the classroom to get a drink of water for their very real hiccups. She always said they could go for the water, but first they had to hiccup for her to show they had the hiccups. Invariably, the conscious effort to produce a hiccup produced no results & , therefore, no drink of water. But the hiccups were gone.

  • Never heard of the six bald men trick. Does one have to include Grant? I’d better go listen to the episode…

    To answer the question: I drink water upside-down! (put your mouth on the far side of the cup, tip over to drink)

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