1. There was a British band called ‘The Skids’ in the punk era – which probably either came from a contr. of street kids or was an allusion to ‘skid marks’1979

  2. resourceress says:

    what about “skid row” – as in the area where poor/homeless people (used to) congregate?

  3. There’s most likely no connection to “skid row.”

  4. Skid Row was a Canadian band, however. Might also be a reference to “skidmarks.”

    In my high school near Toronto, somehow the word “skid” became de rigeur to describe all the metalheads in our crew. Also, “dirt kids” was acceptable.

  5. jane says:

    my friend wrote a book called Skids
    here is her website containing the Globe and Mail review refered to above:


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