n.— «In this little town on the south coast, people like me — summer folk — are known as skukes. I’ve never met anyone who knows the real derivation of the term, but it’s not a compliment. Skukes are annoying because they drive up the price of real estate and because they do for fun what year-rounders do for a living. Take lobstering, for example. Most of the summer there was a local man at the town dock selling lobsters for a very reasonable $4.99 a pound. Skukishly, I thought I would be more enterprising and try to catch my own. My goal was by the end of the summer to hear my family complain: “What? Lobster again?”» —“Lobsters That Got Away, and Those That Didn’t ” by Charles McGrath in Westport, Massachusetts New York Times Nov. 6, 2009. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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