What do you call the flavor explosion that comes from splashing some soft drinks from every one of a restaurant’s fountains into one cup? A suicide, a graveyard, swampwater? Any special recipes, or do you just wing it? This is part of a complete episode.

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  1. Bethany Dopp says:

    This is super interesting to me. I grew up in northeastern Montana and everyone I knew called it a Graveyard. In fact, I had never heard anything else until I moved to Billings in southcentral Montana where I have learned that most people call it a Suicide. I only move about 250 miles, but the slang changed. I thought that was pretty weird. And interesting!

  2. Bill Davis says:

    It’s a “suicide,” mostly cola, about 1/3 root beer, with a splash of Dr. Pepper, for me.

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