Hi-ho, Martha and Grant here!

Did you miss us? We've been super-busy, working hard to keep bringing you more entertaining conversation about language. Thanks for the cards, letters, and phone calls in which you share your love, too.

We want to share something else, something that is super-exciting for us: "A Way with Words" is now supported by a non-profit organization, which means that your contribution to the show is now tax-deductible!

As you may know, "A Way with Words" is independently produced and distributed. Bringing you the show is a labor of love for us, and we're deeply grateful for your stories, insights, and questions about language.

We hope you'll consider making a contribution to help keep this show available--totally free of charge--to language lovers like you and English learners worldwide. Listener donations are an important part of what keeps the program ticking.

Drop by http://waywordradio.org/donate/ and click on the big yellow "Donate" button. Thank you!

In other news:

In case you missed it, the San Diego Union-Tribune recently got a look behind the scenes here at "A Way with Words." Here's their report:


Personally, we'd have liked to have seen a serial comma in the description of us as "too crazy, too bullheaded, and too passionate." But whateverrrr.

Grant just published his annual words-of-the-year roundup in the New York Times. There you'll find buzzwords that reflect our times, from aporkalypse to unubium.


Don't forget you can find out what has our tongues wagging and our fingers flying. Stay in touch with us all week long through our Twitter feed: http://twitter.com/wayword/

Thanks as always for listening, and please do let us know if you have some thoughts to share about language or about the show.

Best wishes to you for peace and love in the new year,

Martha Barnette and Grant Barrett

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