A listener in Abilene, Texas, says that his Maryland relatives always referred to asparagus as spagglers, so he was shocked when he got to college and realized no one else knew what he was talking about. This vegetable goes by lots of other names, including spargus, spiro grass, asper guts, dusty roots, and aspirin grass. In upstate New York, it’s even called Martha Washington or Mary Washington. This is part of a complete episode.

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  1. JustKJ says:

    While not an exact match to what the listener’s “spagglers” it seemed similar to the a German word, spargel. Here is a link to a german site that talks about it.

    Spargelzeit – Asparagus Season in Germany: Just as apples mark the fall season, nothing epitomizes spring quite like the revered white stalks of Spargel (Asparagus).


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