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 n.— «“With the new 60-plus, I thought maybe drugs wouldn’t be a big part, but it was worse than last year,” said Heffner, who was drug-tested Aug. 5 during the 2006 Canadian World Qualifier in Toronto. He said he had his eyes opened considerably when several competitors spoke to him about substance use and asked him about his “stacks”—a term used to describe two or more types of anabolic steroids used during a period of time called a “cycle.” “I said to them, “What stacks? We test in Canada, so I come in here clean,” and they were shocked,” Heffner said, adding that to his knowledge, there was limited testing at the competition due to the high cost.» —“Bodybuilder on a mission” Winnipeg Free Press (Manitoba, Canada) Nov. 24, 2006. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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