1. The definitions must be detail for further understanding.It should include references names of authors

  2. Please kindly help me with some of the causes of Streetism to enable me write a very good essay on it.

  3. Your definitions are now more concise     and accurate in information dissemination.Congratulations and more grease to your elbow.
    I wish to join your corporate to also share my views and knowledge.I also hope to participate in other activities that you may have in order to extend my social relations international.
    Please send me the necessary requirements to be a part of this dynamic institution.

  4. Children may live on the streets because they were borne on the streets and unto the streets. Children youth fleeing from forced marriages in some parts of the developing economic countries, children who migrate to the urban areas in search of non-existing jobs, etc get inpreganted and bring forth to children. these children add to the numbers on the streets.

    A number of other causes should be explored to complete the definition as streetism is very extensive.

    Notwithstanding these, your definition has helped me a lot regarding my preparation for an interview.

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