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  • A suicide lane is not a passing lane.  It’s a turning lane.  Passing is specifically forbidden.

  • Marilyn, it depends where you live. Some places it’s for passing, some it’s for turning, some for both. I will add “turning” to the definition, though.

  • In a country where sensible and rational people live (such as Canada) the centre [Canadian spelling] lane is strictly for left turns only regardless which direction you are driving. It is not for right turn as the Atlanta Journal-Constitution indicates.

  • In Sacramento the “suicide lane” is the center lane created for turning either left or right, but is frequently used by aggressive drivers to pass other cars, especially to get through a stop light before it turns.

  • In Florida a suicide lane is a highway’s “always green” outer third lane used to bypass left turn only red lights. Drivers with poor lane control entering a “suicide” intersection risk smashup with high-speed traffic.  Center turn lanes, in wide use for many years here, are not referred to as suicide lanes.

  • I call this a “Chicken Lane” because of the game Chicken where people used to drive straight at each other and whomever veers off first is the “Chicken”.

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