1. I have not in my life ever heard of swamp ass for the meaning used here.  I have however used another word with the same exact usage.  I used to work in Construction and when you have been working hard in the heat all day long and at the end of the day you have a sweaty nasty sweaty butt, or crotch.  We called it “Nappy Butt Butter”.  I like that word better because it more correctly fits the explination/definition.  “NAPPY BUTT BUTTER”

  2. Eric says:

    I first learned of this term in college marching band as a freshman.  Spending hours and hours in the hot sun in uniform at football games resulted in widespread cases of swamp ass.  That’s my college education hard at work!

  3. h0neyB says:

    Thanks for the definition of swamp ass..

  4. Riot says:

    The guy from Saturday Night Live who always looked drunk/stoned(the one that did the lamb impression) used this term in a stand-up routine.

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