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swardspeak n. a cant spoken by Filipino gay and transvestite men. Editorial Note: Swardspeak is a mix of Tagalog (Pilipino), Spanish, English, and other languages spoken in the Philippines and dates back to at least as early as the 1970s. Swardspeak is pronounced by Filipinos similar to swards-PEH-ahk. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  • i hope i will be updated po sa bakla language because my gender is babaing bakla though i am married…vielen dank sa may concept nito and i like it po

  • I had been looking for some related articles about swardaspeak coz i’m thinking of conducting a study ‘bout this for my masters thesis. Hope you can update me.I don’t know why this topic really interests me.

  • hi! im doing s study for my undergrad thesis. id like to know if u cud help.. theory on how gay language assimilated..thnx!

  • hello.. im making my undergrad thesis now.. i just want to know as to what applicable theory will i follow.. honestly ive searched so hard for possible theories yet i cant find any that siuts my study.. “FACTORS THAT INFLUENCE THE USE OF GAY LANGUAGE AMONG STUDENS (Specified school)”.. HELP ME PLS.. THNX.. oR E-MAIL mE @ jerric_cavan@yahoo.com

  • hahaha! shoshone naman gohin natisha kaya wit worry, shofatidz, mga beka pa rin rules… shutangnamesh to all the galech galechang hombre satesh… someday, pag jonjalis natin sa finaz at marami nang anji, pwede nang magpa-make ng kipayla and babushabelles mga hombreng chipangga! keme keme na to! go mga bekalous my chorvaloos! kaya natin itech! ditembang lang aketch at ang ating God doon-chi… kaya wit forget mag-madreshinay shinaylaloo para dinig lang ni God prayers natetch… babushabelles! ^_^

    PS. i want to be more educated and in gay lingo. this is so much fun yet so much a jargon for those with a heart like mine… kudos to my fellow “bekas”! ^_^

  • @joan bluemmel hi po, i was thinking if i can talk to you about your thesis because it would be awesome if you can help me.

    P.S im doing a research paper about this.

  • hi, I am wondering if you could help me regarding this because in having a research paper, it would a great help if you can reply to this message if you have time .

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