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taco meat hair
 n.Gloss: the tight, dark curly hair of a black person. Often used self-referentially and between black people themselves. «Even the more “evolved” conks (Jheri Curls, S-curls, Leisure Curls, and all other “taco meat” hair) turn an attractive black man into a wack dude instantly.» —“The 7 Worst Things to Happen to Black Folks” by Thembi What Would Thembi Do? (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) Nov. 6, 2007. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  • This term has been in use for a few years. I first heard comediam Cheryl Underwood use it in the movie “I Got The Hookup.” It means just what it sounds like – black male hair that looks like taco meat (ground beef) because of some degree of chemical texturizing. There is also “taco meat for girls,” which can be any length but results from the same process.

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