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How Long is a Bride a Bride?

Candace from Berea, Kentucky, got married a few weeks ago and wonders: At what point does a person start being a bride? When, if ever, do they stop being a bride? This is part of a complete episode.

lay down one’s rag

lay down one’s rag  n.— «As a gang member who “laid down his rag” two years ago, Ace also has a few thoughts on how gangs can be thwarted.» —“Ex-gang member says problem has infiltrated Anderson” by Charmaine...

set king

set king  n.— «When Ace was 13, he was the “set king,” or leader, of a gang with Crips and Folk members.» —“Ex-gang member says problem has infiltrated Anderson” by Charmaine Smith Independent...

dirty dirty

dirty dirty
 n.— «“People like to talk and divide us. People like to break us apart. But we all the Dirty South.” “Dirty, dirty.”» —by Ace Atkins Dirty South Mar. 2, 2004. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


snag  n.— «Cash L. Hopkins, 25, an inmate from the Indian Ridge Corrections Center in Snohomish County, was killed Aug. 18 at the Ace Creek fire when a burning snag fell on him.» —“Forest-Fire Death Spurs State Review” in...