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Male Mistress

A woman having an affair with a married man is a mistress. So what’s the word for an unmarried man who’s having an affair with a married woman? Consort? Leman? This is part of a complete episode.


The old word wittol refers to a man who knows that his wife is having an affair and is okay with it. The behavior still exists today, but almost no one knows the word. A caller in Albany, New York, wonders why. This is part of a complete episode.

Scottish cringe

Scottish cringe  n.— «Over the past week, as it became clear a decision on Megrahi’s future was imminent, many Scottish pundits and opposition politicians were consumed by what is called the Scottish cringe—the idea that some decisions are...


banjee  n.— «Most band members wore tank tops emblazoned with the word “banjee” (a slang term for gay men of color who project a tough image).» —“Live: Hercules and Love Affair” by Ann Powers Los Angeles...

family photo

family photo  n.— «The Luxembourg meeting will be primarily a “family photo” affair with the four applicants for membership.» —“Common Mart Sets Membership Talks” by Don Cook in Paris Los Angeles...

elephant’s tampon

elephant’s tampon  n.— «I used to be a boogie boarder. While I have long since evolved beyond the lay-down sponge riding, the fact remains that not only did my love affair with surfing begin years ago in the prone position but also, when...