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A wonderclout is something that appears amazing but is actually quite useless. An old meaning of clout is “rag.” This is part of a complete episode.


Is there a word for @#$%!^*)!&!, those typographical symbols standing in for profanity? There is indeed. It’s grawlix—not to be confused with jarns, quimps, nittles, lucaflects, or plewds. For more on such terms, check out Mort...


 adj.— «I recently read that the newest slang word was “amajor” which is supposed to combine amazing and major.» —“Too Old to Be Cool?” The IE Mommy Feb. 7, 2009. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


bouncer  n.— «It is absolutely amazing to me how badly boaters—especially liveaboards—are being discriminated against in SoCal and beyond. Even worse is the uneven treatment of those boaters port authorities have called “bouncers”—which I...