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Jaggin Around

Jaggin around is a classic Pittsburghese term for “fooling around,” or “to poke fun or play tricks.” It’s likely related to jaggerbush, meaning a “thorny bush.” This is part of a complete episode.


Bae, as in baby, came into vogue via the bae caught me slippin meme-a selfie that’s meant to look as if one’s sweetheart actually snapped the picture. This is part of a complete episode.

Origin of Boston Accent

The stereotypical Boston accent is non-rhotic, meaning it drops the “r” sound. Before World War II, such lack of rhoticity was considered prestigious and was taught to film and radio actors to help them sound sophisticated. This is part...

Daddy Ain’t No Glassmaker

If someone’s standing between you and the TV, you might say “Your daddy ain’t no glassmaker!” Grant and Marthat have another version, where you might ask them “Have you been drinking muddy water?” This is part of...

Ain’t Poem

For years, teachers have warned against using the word ain’t, apparently with some success. Emily Hummell from Boston sent us a poem that may have contributed: “Don’t say ain’t / your mother will faint / your father will fall...

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