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Episode 1571

When Pigs Fly

Don’t move my cheese! It’s a phrase middle managers use to talk about adapting to change in the workplace. Plus, the origin story of the name William, and why it’s Guillermo in Spanish. And a five-year-old poses a question that...

Haven’t Grown Gills Yet

Kamela works as a nurse in Anchorage, Alaska. When she asked a patient how how he was doing post-surgery, the man responded with Well, I haven’t grown gills yet. It’s a jocular way of acknowledging that although he hadn’t recovered...


ribber  n.— «Barbeque is cooking all over the country, and that includes Anchorage, Alaska, which had 18 teams competing for prizes there recently.…She and her husband, Bill, are participating, again, in the Ribfest.…In...

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