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Cultural Naming Patterns

It’s far less common for women in the United States to name their daughters after themselves, but it has been done. Eleanor Roosevelt, for one, is actually Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, Jr. This is part of a complete episode.


digi-cammies  n.— «The miniseries even got right the mismatched Marine uniforms—the corps in 2003 was in the process of transitioning from the old desert camouflage uniform, which Marines shared with the rest of the military, to the new...


cannibalizing  n.— «More worryingly, the conglomerate is continuing its use of a business practice known as “cannibalising,” whereby new stores are opened in close proximity to existing branches. The intention of this is that...

powwow bunny

powwow bunny  n.— «A self-proclaimed owner of the “gift of gab,” Simpson talks while she works—about the dreamcatchers she’s making for her Native friends serving in Afghanistan, about how, despite her fondness for powwows, she...

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