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foob  n.— «Foob, everyone’s favorite made-up Canadian slang word, made an appearance in today’s FBOFW. True comics devotees know that, unlike January’s now infamous made-up sex slang, foob has an origin that was actually depicted in the...


crypsis n. the camouflage or protective appearance of an insect or animal. Editorial Note: Crypsis includes the stripes of a zebra that permit individuals to blend with a herd, moths that take on bark-like coloring so they are indistinguishable on...

rat spill

rat spill  n.— «Reacting to a “rat-spill” from a shipwreck or some other introduction requires a rapid response, as does any appearance on Anacapa Island following eradication, or on Prince, Sutil and Santa Barbara Islands...

cat face

cat face n. aberrant surface features or an irregular appearance on fruit, vegetables, or trees, especially when caused by healthy tissue growing over damage. Also v., adj., attrib. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

yard sale

yard sale n. especially in skiing or other snow-based sports, a fall or spill; a wipeout. Etymological Note: Perhaps from the appearance of “sporting goods spread out all over the yard.” (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


hero n. in food styling, the (fake or real) dish that is the subject of photographing or filming. Editorial Note: Food styling is the arrangement and design of food dishes in preparation for their appearance in advertisements, movies, or print...