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mouth-breather  n.— «“How can we reach out to the average viewer?” You know…the middle-class mouth-breather with the camper truck and the short attention span.» —“Mary Shelley, Mary Shelley” by Cyra...


steam  n.— «The true odds defying activity in Vegas last night was performed by my old teammate Pat who, with a handful of his new cohorts, plied our premier cheating move, Savannah, across The Strip’s roulette wheels. Pat and his crew...


lump  n.— «There’s a cult out there that claims that some babies are just far more demanding than others. That randomly people get babies who refuse to sleep, refuse to go out in public, refuse to try new food, and refuse to ride in the...

punch list

punch list  n.— «The innumerable reports, punch lists and letters of complaint written by principals, custodians and teachers taken from board files and introduced here serve to emphasize that most of these problems were brought to the...

punch list

punch list n. a to-do list (of items requiring immediate attention); any list of significance. Editorial Note: This term is strongly associated with building construction. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

hamster care

hamster care n. high-volume health care in which patients are not given specialized attention. Also hamster health care. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)