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Junk in the Frunk

In an electric car, the trunk is in the front, not the back. Automotive engineers refer to this part of the vehicle as the frunk, a portmanteau of front and trunk. For a while, the Jaguar company, which is based in the UK, instead called it the...

Past Tense of Plead

What’s the past tense of plead? Is it pleaded or pled? Within the legal profession, pleaded is preferred. But in our common vernacular, we tend to use the less traditional pled. This is part of a complete episode.

Tee Na Na

If something’s right on the tee na na, it’s just perfect. This phrase from New Orleans has popped up in myriad songs from the region. One interview with the musician Dr. John suggests that tee na na refers to the rear end, or tuchis...

Using Product

Did your hairstylist recommend you use product? Is your company moving product this quarter? The term product is in vogue, mainly for the purpose of simplification. This is part of a complete episode.

To a Tee

If something’s right on, it suits you to a tee. But why a tee? Tee, or the letter T, is short for tittle, or something really tiny. So if something’s exactly perfect, it’s right on point, with no room to spare. Or, simply, it suits...

Washrag vs. Washcloth

Which is correct: washrag or washcloth? Whether you use one or the other isn’t likely so much about regional dialects as class differences. This is part of a complete episode.