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smog v. to certify that an automobile meets emission standards. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

tote a note

tote a note v. phr. to finance a loan; in automobile sales, used attributively to connote dealer-financed loans for used cars. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


ciclovia  n.— «Chambers said the inspiration for briefly closing Baltimore’s downtown streets came from One Less Car board member Greg Cantori, who has participated in Bogota’s regular and well-attended Ciclovia. Ciclovia is a Spanish term...

liberal lion

liberal lion  n.— «Idaho’s William E. Borah, liberal lion of the Senate, is pictured as he recently went outdoors in Washington for the first time to tak an automobile ride following a critical illness.» —“Observer Photo...

chatter bump

chatter bump n. a small depression in a roadbed, usually occurring in series and creating a corrugated or rippled surface. Editorial Note: This term is usually plural. Chatter bumps can occur naturally but they are often simulated at automobile...