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horse blanket

horse blanket  n.— «At JRTC most light infantry task forces conduct platoon- and squad-sized search and attack in specified areas dividing the battalion sector. They often resemble an artillery “horse-blanket” graphic used to...


 n.— «Godunk. Aerial hitch hiker.» —“Aero-Manufacturing and Aviation Slang and Jargon” by Individual aviators in N.Y. Lexicon of Trade Jargon , 1938-39. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

security theater

security theater  n.— «The secrecy culture cultivated by TSA demands an extensive deference which (as Barlow’s attorney pointed out) is often supposedly justified by saying “September 11, September 11, September 11.” But in...


wizzo n. among military aircraft personnel, a weapons systems operator. Etymological Note: Pronunciation of the first letters of weapons systems operator or officer. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

bag drag

bag drag  n.— «Sometimes if you have a 20 or 30 minute turn in a city, somebody on the crew will make a food run to the terminal. If you’re lucky, you stay with one plane all day. If not, you’ve got a bag drag from one end of the airport...

bag drag

bag drag  n.— «For almost three years, the bulk of Balkan-peacekeeping troops have served in Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Hungary. To arrive, most did the infamous “bag drag,” hauling mobility gear from airport to airport...

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