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Flight Attendant Lingo

It turns out the creativity of flight attendants doesn’t stop with the pre-takeoff safety demonstration; they have slang for all kinds of fun stuff, from the lipstick they apply before passengers deplane (landing lips) to the “2-for-1...

Crotch Watch and Flying Dirty

What do flight attendants call that point in takeoff preparations when they walk up and down the aisle to make sure seatbelts are securely fastened? It’s the crotch watch, also known as a groin scan. The expression flying dirty refers to when...

Tap on the Shoulder

Sue in Eureka, California, was working at the grocery store during Senior Day when she reminded an elderly customer that the woman might be eligible for a discount. The shopper responded, “Thanks for the tap on the shoulder.” Did that...

Kippie Bags

Kippie bags, named after the former TSA head Kip Hawley, are those quart-sized bags we put toiletries in when going through airport security. This is part of a complete episode.

Alaskan Accent

Why do people from Alaska sound like they’re from the Midwest? This is part of a complete episode.

startle factor

startle factor  n.— «Practical research shows that experienced pilots, with training provided by their airlines in upset recoveries, still struggle to perform when attempting to recover. There are many human factors involved in an actual...

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