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Bugs Bunny changeup

Bugs Bunny changeup  n.— «I perplexed them with my super slow ball.…I think I remember Bugs Bunny saying that once.» —“Barrett’s ‘super slow ball’ baffles Edmonton” by Javier Morales Arizona Daily Star June...

tools of ignorance

tools of ignorance
 n.— «Ball players call a catcher’s paraphernalia “the tools of ignorance.”» —“The Sports X-Ray” by Bob Ray Los Angeles Times Mar. 27, 1937. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

tip drill

tip drill n. an unattractive person, male or female, esp. one who is used for sex or money. Etymological Note: There are two supposed etymologies circulating. Neither can be verified. One says tip drill refers to a practice routine by the same name...


biscuit  n.— «He’s taking it down with a 9,000 pound iron ball, or, as he calls it, a biscuit. “Why do you call it a biscuit?” asked NewsChannel 11. “Well, ’cause it’s flat like a biscuit. You know how a muffin is made...