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shamburger  n.— «At the South Bank Polytechnic, a team of food scientists is labouring to produce a bean burger made of tempeh (fermented rice and soya beans). They call it a Shamburger. I call it a shame.» —“You don’t have to mortify...

sock round

sock round  n.— «An even newer option is less-lethal projectiles, such as bean bag rounds and the latest variation of “sock” rounds, which can be deployed in certain situations in lieu of deadly force.» —“The Shotgun...


shiesty  adj.— «“Bean’s a shiesty fighter,” he said. Shiesty? “He didn’t know what he was doing. So how did I know what he would do?”» —“Holyfield becomes champion talker, too” by Mark Whicker Orange...


 n.— «8 totopo (corn chips) crumbled.» —“Let hot bean soup kick off fiesta” Toronto Star (Can.) Oct. 4, 1986. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)