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Say “Prunes!”

You think you look sexy saying “Cheese!” as a photographer snaps away? Better yet, try cooing “Prunes!” This is part of a complete episode.

Better Door than a Window

When someone’s standing in front of the TV, do you shout, “Move over!” or something more creative? How about “Your daddy weren’t no glassmaker,” or “You make a better door than a window.” This is part...

Better American Speech Week

On the occasion of National Grammar Day, University of Illinois linguist Dennis Barron has pointed out some arresting posters from a wartime version from the early 20th century. They’re from a 1918 Chicago Women’s Club initiative called...

No Better Than She Ought to Be

If a lady is no better than she ought to be, her sexual morals may be in question. The saying, recently popularized by the BBC program Downton Abbey, is what’s known as a charientism, or a bit of sugar-coated snark. By the way, if you’d...