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Waffle Cornflake And Other Family Words

A listener emails to say that her nonagenarian mother adopted a special project during the pandemic. She compiled a lexicon of words and phrases used by their family when the kids were growing up in the 1950s and 1960s. The resulting 33-page...

Who Struck John

Lisa in Wilmington, North Carolina, remembers her grandmother using the expression who struck John to mean “confusion,” “foolishness,” or “bad behavior.” A common variant is “who shot John.” No...

Billy Tape Measure

Mary says her Illinois-born husband and father-in-law refer to a measuring tape as a billy. The word billy is used in a slangy sense to refer long lengths of metal, such a billy knife, and a Billy Box is a kind of toolbox, but the use of billy to...

Mickey Morenyou

In the same vein as Billy Badass and Ricky Rescue, most people have dealt with a Mickey Morenyou. He’s that guy who walks onto your turf and still seems to believe he knows more than you. This is part of a complete episode.

Ricky Rescue

A while back, we talked about the teasing nickname Billy Badass, thrown around in the military to refer to someone a little too gung ho. In the firefighting and EMT professions, the equivalent name is Ricky Rescue. This is part of a complete episode.