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spime  n.— «The next stage is an object that does not exist yet. It needs a noun, so that we can think about it. We can call it a “Spime,” which is a neologism for an imaginary object that is still speculative.» —“When...


scr0d  n.— «My sleep-schedule is so scr0d that I would happily wear this thing and abide by what it told me about my circadian.» —“Bespoke martian watches keep 24h, 39m day” by Cory Doctorow BoingBoing Jan. 9...


 n.— «We stopped to let some AMWs (actress-model-whatevers) cross the street from SkyBar toward Chateau Marmont.» —by Xeni Jardin BoingBoing May 5, 2004. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


trufan  n.— «Jeff Baham has interviewed the author, who appears to be a real Mansion trufan who set out to write a comprehensive historical document about the bestest ride the Imagineers ever built.» —“New Haunted Mansion book...

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