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Almost Up to Possible

Hello, guys and dolls--it's another newsletter from A Way with Words. We aired an episode this past weekend in which we talked about the footwear known as "go-aheads," what part of the body is "possible,"...

Grant and Martha Recommend Books

Finally today, Martha and Grant talk about two books they love to recommend as gifts: Idiom’s Delight by Suzanne Brock, and Karma Wilson’s book for children, Bear Snores On, illustrated by Jane Chapman. This is part of a complete episode.

Baby Platitudes Are Called Duggles

O HAI! U CAN HAZ NEWSLETTER. Yes, it's another email newsletter from A Way with Words. There was no newsletter last week, because, umm, we had a really good excuse, okay? In part, it's because your wily and wordly hosts are everywhere...

Pwned Prose, Stat!

When you get to the end of a wonderful book, your first impulse is to tell someone else about it. In this week’s episode, Martha and Grant discuss what they’ve been reading and the delights of great prose. You’ll find information...

Books Waiting to be Read

Grant and Martha reveal what books are on their own nightstands, waiting to be read. Just the top of the stacks, natch, because there are just too many. This is part of a complete episode.