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boots on the ground

boots on the ground n.pl. personnel deployed under military command. Editorial Note: Boot dates to before World War II as indicating a military recruit or a green enlisted man. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

boot drop

boot drop  n.— «In Marine parlance, Nice was a “boot drop”—someone who had just joined the unit from basic training.» —“Death, duty in forgotten corner of war” by Doug Struck in Qaim...

impact incarceration

impact incarceration n. jail or prison time structured with discpline and drills similar to a military boot camp. Also high-impact incarceration. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

impact incarceration

impact incarceration  n.— «A prison work camp in southern Illinois will be turned into a military-style boot camp designed to shock youthful offenders out of a life of crime, Gov. Thompson announced Friday. The planned “impact...

high impact incarceration

high impact incarceration  n.— «The New York City Correction Commissioner said yesterday that a “high impact incarceration plan”—similar in some ways to the state’s boot-camp program for prisoners—would begin at Rikers Island...

impact incarceration

impact incarceration  n.— «A 25-year-old Lincoln man pleaded guilty Friday to unlawful criminal drug conspiracy, a Class II felony, and was sentenced to four years in prison with a recommendation for impact incarceration, also known as...

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