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 n.— «Drone…Any single seat aircraft flown by a female. (See: Box Office).» —“USAF Slang” by maddog2840 in Las Vegas, Nevada F-16.net June 21, 2007. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

bounce box

bounce box n. a container of supplies sent ahead to a series of stops by a cross-country hiker. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

box jumper

box jumper  n.— «I hate enclosed spaces, which people find amazing because in illusions I’m pushing other people into boxes or tight little spaces. People who get into those contraptions are called box jumpers and that’s something that I...

Barmuda Triangle

Barmuda Triangle  n.— «In a dark corner of Leo’s Food and Spirits at Dauphine and France streets—one-third of what is known as “The Barmuda Triangle in the 9th Ward”—sat the Captain For Life of Box of Wine.» —“Corkscrew...


planned-overs  n.pl.— «Left-overs will not represent waste and planned-overs or portions of food cooked in advance will save hours in the kitchen.» —“Keep the Ice Box Filled” Kansas City Star (Kansas...

baby sitter test

baby sitter test  n.— «The software design owes an obvious debt to the TiVo’s famous attention to detail. In fact, the MovieBeam service is so easy to use, it easily passes what home-theater aficionados call the Baby Sitter Test...