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jamming  n.— «Remember how the Soviets used to jam the signal when Radio Free Europe would broadcast behind the Iron Curtain? Today “jamming” literally means silencing your critics or opponents by attacking and intimidating...

dipstick survey

dipstick survey  n.— «GLR said that four months after it launched the new service in the capital, a dipstick survey showed it had an average daily audience of 170,000 people.» —“LBC (Crown) Takes Issue With BBC Demand...


schmoopiness n. behavior that is excessively cutesy, precious, or adoring. Editorial Note: This word—and the noun schmoopy ‘a term of affection for one who is adored; a person who exhibits schmoopiness’ and the adjective schmoopy ‘(excessively)...

burn off

burn off v. in entertainment television, to broadcast un-aired episodes of a canceled program. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

cereal test

cereal test n. the judgment of an editor or a producer as to whether (news) material is appropriate to publish or broadcast. Also breakfast test, Wheaties test. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


mahoff  n.— «Hollywood mahoffs and celebs, those very people who make fun of the event, have helped transform the Golden Globes ceremony (to be broadcast live at 8 tonight on CTV), into what more than one studio honcho calls “the...

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