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bukateria  n.— «A typical nutritious “chop house” or “bukateria” meal of pounded yam, melon seed and palm oil stew, accompanied by a couple pieces of beef—all eaten with one’s bare hand—plus a Coke costs N60, or...


Ediacaran  adj.— «The term “Ediacaran fauna” refers to a Late Precambrian assemblage of fossils of soft-bodied animals, mainly coelenterates and annelids, first discovered in the Ediacara Hills of South Australia…Sparse...


bed-blocker n. a patient who will not or cannot be moved to another medical facility, either due to a shortage of beds or because of the patient’s refusal. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

un complet

un complet  n.— «Each told the court they gave Cloutier “un complet”—fellatio and intercourse, in hooker parlance—at his Beauport home. » —“Teen hookers’ client attempted to avoid testifying in open court” by...