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circus parking

circus parking
 n.— «Crew and circus parking proposal.» —by City Of Abbotsford Application to Film In The City of Abbotsford (British Columbia, Canada) Oct., 2006. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

nature-deficit disorder

nature-deficit disorder  n.— «The real disorder lies in the society that has disengaged children from nature and imposed on them an artificial environment for which they have not evolved. Viewed from this angle, children and adults alike...

creeping meatballism

creeping meatballism  n.— «Philistinism—actually, the street term “creeping meatballism” sounds better—spreads through British Columbia’s political class like some zombie virus in a B-grade movie.» —“Plans to close 144...


 n.— «The Wingery buffalo wings.» —“Just wing it Spur-of-the-moment snack idea now hot item in bars, eateries” Winnipeg Free Press (Canada) Dec. 6, 1995. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

creeping crud

creeping crud  n.— «Mr. Chrapko agrees. He says he has detected a “steady drift towards communism.” Later, he will describe this as “the creeping crud.”» —“An old-fashioned Western meeting—on...


swamper  n.— «The man killed at an oil rig site in west central Alberta yesterday was a second year apprentice who had only been working for the company three months, say family.…He was what the industry calls a swamper, “the...