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So you’ve long dreamed of writing fiction, but don’t know where to begin? There are lots of ways to get started — creative writing classes, local writing groups, and books with prompts to get you going. The key is to get started, and...

Northwest Word Skookum

The adjective skookum comes from Chinook jargon and is commonly used in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest to describe something strong, good, muscular, or powerful, as in a skookum Malamute or a skookum drink.  This is part of a complete episode.


two-four  n.— «They got themselves a “two-four,” Canadian slang for a case of 24 beers, and proceeded to knock back some holiday cheer.» —“A Christmas miracle that is evergreen” by Mary-Liz Shaw Journal...


foob  n.— «Foob, everyone’s favorite made-up Canadian slang word, made an appearance in today’s FBOFW. True comics devotees know that, unlike January’s now infamous made-up sex slang, foob has an origin that was actually depicted in the...