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Mother’s Colt

To use mother’s colt or to use granny’s colt is another expression for going somewhere on foot. This is part of a complete episode.

Poetic Car Names

The poet Marianne Moore was once asked to come up with car names for the Ford Motor Company, and if it wasn’t for the genius of their own term, the Edsel, we could’ve been driving around in Resilient Bullets, Varsity Strokes, or Utopian...

“Doozy” is Not from the Car

On a previous episode, we discussed the origins of doozy, and boy did we get some responses! Many of you called and wrote to say that the Duesenberg luxury car is the source of the term. While the car’s reputation for automotive excellence may...

New Vocabularies

What event in life introduced you to a whole new vocabulary? Going away to college, having a child, renovating a home, or even getting diagnosed with a medical condition often exposes us to huge bundles of new words. If you’re renovating a...