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spooty adj. bad, crappy. Also n., something that is bad or crappy. Editorial Note: The use of spooty in the first citation is probably a typographical error for spotty, meaning “pimply.” Etymological Note: Probably popularized by the...


smurfing  n.— «Quinn said investigators call “hopping from bank to bank” with cash amounts just under the $10,000 limit “smurfing,” after the children’s cartoon in which little blue characters hop around...


murderabilia  n.— «The Chicago Cartoon and Poster Co., 1941 W. North Ave., specializes in limited edition posters, pop culture collectibles, underground publications, adult comics, T-shirts, and “Murderabilia” (like John Wayne...


scanlation n. the translation of digitally scanned pages (of manga, a style of Japanese comic book, cartoon, and graphic novel); the translated works themselves. Etymological Note: scan + translation (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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