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sonocytology  n.— «In recent experiments using the frontier science of nanotechnology, the researchers have found evidence that yeast cells give off one kind of squeal while mammalian cells may give off another.…The founder of the...

ha la

ha la  n.— «ha la—alexis p. and linda y.—boston, ma—1993—an expression for surprise. hawaiian pidgin for oh my gosh or no way! me: my cell phone bill was $200 this month. them: ha laaaa!» —“i want to have a word with...

nomadic intimacy

nomadic intimacy  n.— «Thus, one of the major social functions of cell phones is to provide a “nomadic intimacy”…by making it possible for people on the move to remain embedded in their personal social networks...

totty shot

totty shot
 n.— «Soft-porn totty-shots happily co-exist on cell walls with baby-snaps and postcards.» —“Through the spyhole” by Stephen Plaice Guardian (U.K.) Oct. 24, 1998. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)