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Knuckle Down, Bony Tight

A listener in Carmel, New York, remembers his father’s phrase knuckle down, screw bony tight, a challenge called out to someone particularly adept at playing marbles. The game of marbles, once wildly popular in the United States, is a rich...

Word Challenge

Quiz Guy John Chaneski’s challenge involves phrases of two words, each of which ends in the letter a. For example, if you mix nitric acid and hydrochloric acid, you get a yellow, fuming, corrosive liquid that eats metals, even gold...

Compliment Challenge

As Mark Twain observed, “The compliment that helps us on our way is not the one that is shut up in the mind, but the one that is spoken out.” Martha describes a compliment challenge her friends are taking up on Facebook, with happy...

Odd Word Out Word Game

Quiz Guy John Chaneski’s quiz is a challenge to find the odd word out, etymologically speaking. For example, which word doesn’t belong in the following group? Bigot, saloon, quiche, tornado. This is part of a complete episode.

Encouraging a Love of Learning

Grant’s 7-year-old son has gotten into Ancient Greek, of all things. While it’s a joy to teach your kids interesting things, a child’s eagerness to learn also poses a challenge for parents. You don’t want to squelch their...

Songs to Wear Pants To

Andrew Huang of Songs To Wear Pants To has met his listeners’ challenge and written a rap song without the letter “E.” This is part of a complete episode.

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