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In the Loop

On a recent episode of Mad Men, a character said “keep me in the loop.” Was that phrase really around in the 1960s? This is part of a complete episode.


In William Howitt’s Madam Dorrington of the Dene, a character named Vincent says, “Don’t let my father be fearful of me. I will be as ravenously ambitious, and as gigantically work-brickle […] as he can desire.” Grant...

method costumier

method costumier  n.— «The competition for the Best Costume Oscar is as fierce as in any of the acting categories. One of the 13 nominations achieved by The Curious Case of Benjamin Button went to Jacqueline West, who is known in Hollywood...

sorta Rican

sorta Rican  adj.— «But of all the film’s non-character characters, food remains the most enticing—so much so, in fact, that Arkansas audiences might be inspired to seek out similar dishes at restaurants the film’s characters might...

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